Event overview

There were practical sessions, collaborative discussions and chances to share ideas. More than 100 delegates heard from industry experts, STEM outreach providers and engineering role models.

Together, we learnt how to reach underrepresented groups in engineering and technology, promote technical and other pathways into the sector and more.

Read the event highlights below:

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  • Emphasis on creativity and inclusion Yewande Akinola, our first keynote speaker, stressed the significance of creativity and fresh perspectives, urging for a shift in the perception of engineering and tech to foster diversity. Diversity remained a central theme throughout.
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) perspectives Insights were shared on supporting diverse role models, reaching out to girls, and creating inclusive environments through accommodations such as sign language interpreters.
  • Using educational advancements and technology to broaden reach Network Rail and the Met Office showcased innovative approaches to engaging students in STEM fields through industrial placements, virtual experiences, and curriculum mapping.
  • New and ongoing collaboration – learning within the engineering and technology outreach community Platforms such as Neon and Code Connect facilitate sharing and collaboration. Sessions on funding and partnerships explored strategies to secure support and focused on the importance of building relationships.
  • Personal pathways into engineering make a difference Speakers including James Dornor shared their personal journeys, highlighting the power of relatable stories in inspiring interest in engineering and tech.
  • Resources and support The Code, Neon, as well as here on Tomorrow’s Engineers all offer valuable resources for organisations whatever stage they're at in their outreach efforts.
  • Evaluation The challenge of evaluating activities was discussed, indicating the importance of understanding their impact on young people's perceptions and aspirations, even if long-term effects are hard to isolate.

The result

A growing community to share and collaborate on engineering and technology outreach, emphasising the need for impactful engagement to showcase the breadth of opportunities in engineering and technology, and the importance of collective action.

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