EngineeringUK's Chief Executive, Dr Hilary Leevers, has joined the countdown to Tomorrow's Engineers Live by sharing her insight on how we can improve our collective understanding of how much engineering engagement activity is needed to give every young person the chance of an engineering career.

"We’re planning our next 5-year strategy at EngineeringUK, and I wanted to share some of the background thinking that we’ve found thought-provoking and helpful in developing our ambitions for 2023 to 28. I’ll be talking about this work and asking for input at the Tomorrow’s Engineers Live conference, taking place on Monday 11 July.

Let’s increase our impact

"Back in 2020, we published an Impact Framework, developed with New Philanthropy Capital with input from others, to try and capture the system within which our engineering engagement takes place. We use it at EngineeringUK to help us more clearly and consistently articulate the intended impact of our work and evaluate ourselves against these goals. And we hope that others, including Tomorrow’s Engineers Code Signatories, find it useful.

"The impact framework identifies key audiences, including teachers, careers advisors and professionals, organisations and individuals involved in the funding, design or delivery of engineering engagement, parents and carers, and, of course, young people themselves. It also identifies the impact we may wish to have on different audiences – for example, that more teachers help their students to engage with engineering."

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George Imafidon