Tomorrows Engineers

Engineers shape the world we live in, by designing, creating, testing, and improving almost every product or process you can think of.

The deodorant you used this morning? Chemical engineers will have tested it. What about your new tablet computer? Electronics engineers have had a hand in making it. The car you travelled in? Automotive engineers have worked to make it happen.

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Whose Crew Are You?

Whose Crew Are You

From exploring outer space to designing the phone in your pocket, the best things are made by teams working together. We call them crews.

Find out Whose Crew Are You? and see how much fun your future could be by taking our interactive quiz.

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Students - get involved with engineering!


Wherever you live in the UK, you can find engineering activities to enjoy in your spare time.

We've also got a range of hands-on engineering challenges that you can try at home...

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Tomorrow's Engineers: Save the Day


We've created an exciting new multi-media, in-school workshop that aims to introduce your pupils to coding, product design and software engineering.

It's ideal for 11-13 year olds.

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Careers Resources


Resource Pack
Our resource pack contains everything you need in order to bring engineering to life, including postcards, leaflets, posters and more! You can download it here or request a pack through the post.
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Leaftlet for parents
A parents' guide to engineering careers and how you can help encourage your children's talents.
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Careers resources


Amazing Engineering Around the World

Don’t look down! The Aizhai suspension bridge, balancing serenely between dramatic mountains, is the world’s highest and longest tunnel-to-tunnel bridge in Hunan province, central China. At 355 metres above the foot of...

The Super Soaker - the inspiring story of an amazing engineering discovery

That moment of dread in a summer-time water fight – the kid with the Super Soaker turns up. You need them on your side or you’re going to get a severe drenching… But did you know that an engineer invented this powerful ...

What is engineering?

Our popular Powerpoint presentation was developed in response to requests from UK engineering companies, this presentation explains - in simple terms - what engineering is all about.



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