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Real jobs

Ice ice baby

Chris has an ice cool engineering job making ice creams in Naples, in Italy - the home of modern ice cream. He helps make the swirling Cornetto patterns on a large scale for people in parks the world over.

The wheat is on!

Engineers like Hilary perform an essential role in helping to feed the UK's rising population as engineers at Cargill. They take in wheat as a raw material and turn it into glucose which gets used in products like ice-cream, jelly sweets and meat substitutes.

Nuclear clean-ups

Decommissioning old nuclear power plants is an important and responsible job - one that needs to be done safely and securely. We found out what the job involves from Simon, General Manager at Penny Nuclear.

McLaren mean machines

Chris Gosling joined McLaren's graduate programme four years ago and now has a big input on the engineering of super-fast cars like the one in this video!

Like X-rays for machines

If you’re engineering parts for planes, trains or nuclear plants, how do you measure how well they’re working? How do you know if they’re feeling the strain in certain areas or might break? And how can you do this with objects made of metal, when it might not be obvious to the human eye?

Loud and clear

If you want to work in broadcasting but are more interested by how it works than making a splash on screen or on air then consider a career as a broadcast engineer... like Jack!

The buzz of the chase

Whether she’s chasing radio pirates or helping aeroplanes to land safely, no two days are the same for Sara Salim. Sara works as a Radio Spectrum Engineer for Ofcom, making sure we get crisp and clear radio, television and mobile phone signals. Tomorrow’s Engineers spoke to Sara about the buzz of engineering and the glamour of her job behind the scenes …

From bicycle spokes to engine cogs

Richard Kirkland got into engineering through his love of tinkering with mountain bikes, motorbikes and restoring cars. He got into his current role as an Electrical Maintenance Engineer through an apprentice with a well-known international car manufacturer...

Good vibrations

From the Arctic Monkeys to Ed Sheeran and the Manic Street Preachers, Guy Massey is the sound engineer recording some of the best in the business.

Serving up tennis technology

James works as a sports engineer down at the International Tennis Federation in south-west London. He helps to keep a balance between tradition and technology in this forward-thinking sport, covering balls, rackets, court surfaces and footwear. We took a trip down to their testing lab to find out more...