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Oil, gas and deep-sea discovery

Engineers like Yasmin Ali work out how to get oil and gas from deep out of the ground, often from challenging locations like the middle of the sea, and back onto land where we want to use it to power our televisions, computers and more!

The wheat is on!

Engineers like Hilary perform an essential role in helping to feed the UK's rising population as engineers at Cargill. They take in wheat as a raw material and turn it into glucose which gets used in products like ice-cream, jelly sweets and meat substitutes.

Forward thinking foot fashion

We put ourselves in Asha's shoes, to find out what it's like to be a footwear production engineer at famous British boot brand Dr. Martens...

Engineering - the golden ticket to a great career

As an automation engineer, Ben Phillips gets to go behind the factory gates of West End musical production Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We found out what working on a world-class theatre production involves...

Engineering in the Army - the Royal Engineers

Engineers work for the British Army - what do they do? Major Matt Smith tells us...

Found in translation

Mairead Kelly is an electronics engineer working on the micro-chips inside your mobile phones and MP3 players that let you talk to your friends and hear your music on the go...

Maintaining a nuclear power plant

Nuclear power stations provide a stable, low-carbon energy supply to power our homes and more. Engineering apprentice Victoria Brown explains what goes on inside the plant...

The road to success

Philippa's a civil engineering graduate with a passion for boats. She works at Amey and uses technology to help keep us safe and well-informed as we travel around the country's roads.

Good vibrations

From the Arctic Monkeys to Ed Sheeran and the Manic Street Preachers, Guy Massey is the sound engineer recording some of the best in the business.

Green means GO!

10 million car journeys, half a million cycle rides and six million bus trips every day - Kamlah tells us about the challenges of traffic control engineering for London!


Meet the #TEWeek15 vloggers, Lily and Nayeeb

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