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Case Studies

Engineers save lives: earthquakes and tsunamis

We spoke to Joshua Macabuag, earthquake and tsunami researcher, and search and rescue volunteer engineer.

All ears

Eloise is responsible for things that go bump on the radio, or bark, or crash! As a sound engineer she uses the latest recording technology to make radio drama sound realistic!

Tunnel vision

Regina’s an apprentice tunnelling engineer working on London’s Crossrail. London's a busy place and it needs Europe’s largest current construction project to keep it running smoothly! Regina took us 30 metres underground to tell us more...

Fast-track engineering

London's underground railway is 150 years old this year and Ian Rawlings has to use all his engineering experience to keep trains moving as well as updating the trains, tracks and signalling systems at the same time - a difficult, important and rewarding job!

Patrolling for petroleum

We use energy for electricity and fuel every day and Hani Baluch helps power all our energy needs. Hani Baluch works out in the field as a graduate petroleum engineer for BP, putting safety procedures into place to maximise oil and gas production from wells.

Good vibrations

From the Arctic Monkeys to Ed Sheeran and the Manic Street Preachers, Guy Massey is the sound engineer recording some of the best in the business.

Serving up tennis technology

James works as a sports engineer down at the International Tennis Federation in south-west London. He helps to keep a balance between tradition and technology in this forward-thinking sport, covering balls, rackets, court surfaces and footwear. We took a trip down to their testing lab to find out more...

Making a house a home

Angela Malynn is a mechanical engineer, bringing buildings to life so we can live and work in them - from offices to train stations to swimming pools

Crash, bang, wallop, what a job!

Kimberley is a graduate at vehicle engineering, test and development company MIRA, keeping drivers safe on the roads through crash barrier testing and more...

Building a sustainable future

40% of UK carbon emissions come from the built environment, and building services engineers like Sally are helping make buildings more sustainable, as well as more comfortable places to live, learn or work, looking at heating, humidity, CO² levels and more.


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