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Sustainable water systems

Tamara Mustafa designs sustainable water systems for recycling rainwater

Engineering without borders

STEM ambassador Ayisha is keen to highlight that there is a place for women in the engineering sector.

Down the drain?

Dealing with water and drainage infrastructure, Jack Huggins is a graduate engineer at Arup in their water sector in Cardiff.

Super sounds for pop production

Sound engineer Sam is Metropolis Studios' whizz kid behind hit albums for Rihanna, Pharrell and Paloma Faith. What's life like in the studio and what does it take to make a No.1 track sound amazing?

Driven to succeed

Nazia Ali is a graduate working in the Body Engineering department at Jaguar Land Rover. She's part of the team behind the distinctive shape of their vehicles, as well as the less obvious, but equally important things that go on inside the cars!

A rail-y good apprenticeship

There were 1.65 billion train journeys made over the last year - that's a lot of passengers! And they all need to arrive safely and on-time, which needs a lot of engineering work behind-the-scenes.

Maintaining a nuclear power plant

Nuclear power stations provide a stable, low-carbon energy supply to power our homes and more. Engineering apprentice Victoria Brown explains what goes on inside the plant...

Get set for jet-set engineering

If you’re flying high across the sky to get to your destination, it’s thanks to engineers like Craig Johnstone.

One Direction's sound engineer

What's it like working as a globe-trotting sound engineer to the world's biggest pop band? David Martell is the man who has the answers...

A sound apprenticeship

From The Rolling Stones to The Lion King, Cadac have been involved with producing sound desks for the best in the UK entertainment industry. We caught up with Glenn Ward from the BBC's The Apprentice, now an electronics engineer at Cadac, to see what kind of sound magic happens behind the scenes at your favourite show.

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