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Energy Quest

Join Tomorrow’s Engineers in our search to find out all about sustainable energy. Learn about engineering careers and the routes into those jobs in our free programme for students in Year 7, 8 or 9.

Energy Quest is a two part programme, made up of a free, half-day, in-school workshop (The Energizer) and a practical classroom challenge.


The workshop is made up of four interactive, curriculum-linked sessions with the engineering careers message embedded throughout. The Energizer workshop runs on the day with the help of a scientist or engineer. This is to increase students’ awareness of the variety of career opportunities in engineering, as well as encouraging them to choose subjects at GCSE to keep those career options open.

The workshop aims to improve pupils’ understanding of energy as a resource and the role that engineering plays in the UK’s energy industry.

After completing the workshop, pupils undertake the practical carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in school with the help of their teacher over 6-8 weeks – supported by lesson plans and resources.

How is Energy Quest delivered?

Participating schools are offered a free, half-day, in-school workshop, delivered by an education officer from one of our experienced delivery partners.

The workshop is followed up by a practical, experiments-based challenge exploring the subject of carbon capture and storage, delivered by a teacher. The teacher is provided with lesson plans, worksheets and all the resources they need to deliver this in the classroom, or in an after-school engineering or science club.

Energy Quest

What does the in-school workshop look like?

The Energizer – the in-school workshop – is delivered in four distinct sessions

Session 1: Our World, Your Future
Pupils are introduced to engineering as a potential career using energy as the focus. Looking at the energy they use now and what will be needed for the future, taking into account world population growth, pupils conclude that they need to start saving energy.

Energy Quest

Session 2: Energy Mix
Through exploring different types of energy and finding out the benefits and drawbacks of each, pupils come to the conclusion that no single energy source might be the answer and that we could need an “energy mix” in the future.

Session 3: Solar Car Challenge
Pupils are tasked with building a solar car and experimenting with how much charge it needs over a variety of distances. They plot their results on a graph showing charge vs distance. The challenge is for the pupils to get their solar car closest to a target at a specific distance. The pupils realise that they have spent the morning/afternoon being engineers.

Energy Quest

Session 4: Wrap Up
Pupils have the opportunity to ask questions, after a recap of what they have learnt in each session. The workshop is closed by highlighting how pupils can go into a career in engineering and where they can find out more.

What does the follow-on carbon capture and storage project involve?

Follow on project – Carbon Capture & Storage Classroom Challenge

After pupils have completed the workshop, teachers deliver this project as part of science, maths or design & technology lessons, or perhaps after school as part of a club activity. The project can be delivered as a series of sessions over a number of weeks or as an off-timetable event in one day.

Each school is provided with a CCS kit that contains the necessary learning materials, including experiments on how to design and build a carbon storage facility, as well as tasks exploring the role CCS plays in the wider global energy challenge.

Through completing these sessions schools would be able to meet the requirements for their pupils to receive Bronze CREST Awards.

Energy Quest

Sounds fun! How do I get involved?

If you are interested in your school taking part in the Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest programme, or finding out more, please get in touch with the delivery partner in your region:


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