EngineeringUK Teacher Advisory Group

The Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) at EngineeringUK allows constructive, two-way communication to take place (both online and face-to-face) between EngineeringUK and the teaching community, helping to inform the design and delivery of the career programmes and make them fit for purpose for the teaching community and young people.

The Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) gives EngineeringUK a great way of engaging directly with the teaching community to make sure our career programmes and career materials are suitable for teachers and young people. Over 40 STEM teachers sit on the TAG with a large number located in London so we are expanding this group across the UK to get ideas and feedback that represent the UK teaching community.

The Group will meet twice a year during term time either at lunchtime or at twilight (i.e. after the school day finishes). As the group expands across the UK we will look at using video conferencing technology so everyone can join in the meetings without the need to travel.

If you would like to join TAG all we would ask is that you attend the meetings either physically or electronically, and respond to emails within a reasonable timeframe (around one week). 

Our engaging careers resources and information

EngineeringUK places great emphasis on delivering relevant, engaging and accessible information to young people and their influencers, presenting engineering in a modern light. 

Below are examples of some of the materials we produce. If you would like to see our full range of materials, please view our 'Download individual resources page'.

10 Great Reasons poster  


Join the TAG or find out more

We would really welcome your input in the continued development and delivery of our career programmes.

Please contact Eleanor Eyre