Designing things backwards?

Reverse engineering is the process of creating a 3D computer model of a physical object or component using high resolution scans. Physical Digital’s Design Engineer, Rado, explains to us how he started working in reverse engineering and why he enjoys it. Rado uses a range of CAD software, including Geomagic which covers Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Design X, and other software applications such as Space Claim Engineer and Siemens NX.

Name: Radoslav Iliev
Age: 29
Job title: Design Engineer
Company: Physical Digital® 
Hometown: London
School subjects: Product Design, Art and Design
Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Computer Aided Product Design

Radoslav Iliev

Route to reverse engineering

Having moved to study and live in the UK in my teens, I had to adapt to a different social, learning and working environment. My previous experience, coming from an art background, had a positive impact when I started working with CAD software. The 3D awareness I gained through making clay models, wood carvings and free hand drawings gave me a comprehensive base to build on with my reverse engineering career.

I was introduced to Product Design through my Sixth Form School in north London where I received the necessary guidance and inspiration from an award-winning teacher. Looking back, it is at that point I recognised my interest in Engineering so I started building on my knowledge base and skills towards my new aspirations. I enrolled to study Product Design and Innovation at the University of Portsmouth where in my second year I became more interested in the Mechanical Engineering related subjects. This is why I continued on the Computer Aided Product Design pathway, learning about CAD applications to further enhance my skills. I spent a very valuable year on an industrial work placement and came back for the final year of my studies where I had more focus on exactly what I wanted to achieve in the future.

Radoslav Iliev

3D scanning and inspection

Since graduating, I have worked in the Engineering consultancy business. From designing new products to 3D scanning and inspection, I’ve gained a broad range of experience which I wouldn’t have been able to obtain otherwise. I’ve worked on projects and I’ve seen things which could be confidential, irreplaceable and of extremely high value. Being creative and knowledgeable as well as being trustworthy are key in this kind of business because you are dealing with various clients from different industries.

To be an engineer requires a lot of attention to detail and determination. I would say that the earlier you start planning and “engineering” your career, the easier journey you will have in the process of achieving your goals.