How can engineers support Tomorrow’s Engineers Week?

Engineers and Employers

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week is for students, to inspire them by showing the huge range of careers that engineering involves. We want the next generation to consider all the possibilities that engineering has to offer, and this is where you - the people in the industry - can help.

We'd like to inspire future engineers with the stories of those doing the jobs now - how they got where they are, what their jobs involve, and even those "hidden engineers" who work in careers which the next generation may not expect to include engineering.

Engineering companies are projected to need 182,000 people with engineering skills each year up to 2022. Very basically we need to double the number of graduates and apprentices entering the engineering industry to cover the demand, so we want children who may never have considered a career in engineering to find out more.

So during Tomorrow’s Engineers Week take part and help inspire those children to find out more.

Download our two-page document packed with ideas.

We want everyone in engineering to get involved in some way.

Here are some ideas:


If you and/or your employer are interested in joining forces to inspire the next generation during Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2016, contact us on